B-Body Mopar Parts 

The items listed below are the B-Body parts that we have available at this time.  Parts are sorted by year and application.

Items will be added and removed when they are available or have been sold.  Check back frequently for the most up to date inventory.


Item pictured is actual item you will receive unless otherwise stated. Please call 207-737-7058 or email [email protected] to purchase.


1964 Belvedere / Fury A-Pillar Interior Trim

OEM 1964 Plymouth Belvedere / Fury / Sport Fury Interior A-Pillar (windshield post) trim. Has slight wear marks from age and usage.  Drivers side top corner piece (removable) has rust and pits.


1964 Belvedere / Fury / Sport Fury Interior Rear Window Trim

OEM 1964 Plymouth Belvedere / Fury / Sport Fury interior rear window upper trim.  Good candidate for re-chrome or paint.


1966-67 Charger Headliner Trim Set

1966 & 1967 Dodge Charger Interior Headliner Trim

Included Windshield piece and both left and right side pieces.  Dusty, but in very good condition.  Not reproduced and very difficult to find as it is usually broken.


1971-74 Drivers Door Glass Regulator

OEM Drivers door window regulator and track assembly.  2dr only.  Fits 1971-1974 Dodge/Plymouth "B-Body"  (Charger, RoadRunner, Satellite, GTX)


1971-74 Drivers Door Glass

OEM Drivers door side glass.  Date code 1973. Clear glass, no deep scratches. 2dr only.  Fits 1971-1974 Dodge/Plymouth "B-Body"  (Charger, RoadRunner, Satellite, GTX)  Compare to new @ $219


1971-74 Passenger Door Glass Regulator

OEM Passenger door window regulator and track assembly.  2dr only.  Fits 1971-1974 Dodge/Plymouth "B-Body"  (Charger, RoadRunner, Satellite, GTX)


1971-74 Windshield Reveal Molding Set

OEM 1971-1974 B-Body, All.  Windshield Reveal Molding set 5pcs.  Stainless. Dirty and needs a good polishing


1971-74 Interior Rear Lower 1/4 Piece

Rear Interior Lower 1/4 Plastic Panels.  Not Broken and still flexible   Fits 1971-1974 B-Body Dodge/Plymouth.  White(ish)  ready for repaint in color of your choice.  Best to pick up in person, awkward size/shape.  Removed from 73 Charger.

Compare to new @ $199/pair and you have to paint to match!


1973-74 Charger Hood


OEM 1973 Dodge Charger Hood. 

Pretty Straight, 1 small dent marked with arrow. 


Paint sucks, moss and liken growth on top. 


Very  minor surface rust on underside in scattered locations.



1973-74 Charger Front Bumper Chrome

1973-74 Dodge Charger Chrome front bumper.

Good candidate for a rechrome, or use as driver. 

Has scratches and oxidation on the chrome surfaces, bumper is straight, 1 small dent as marked. 

Includes bumpettes, lower reinforcing bracket, grille mounting brackets. 




1973-74 Charger Door top trim (pair)

 photo S7001182_zps4e04e246.jpg

OEM Dodge Charger Rallye/SE Door top trim (pair.)   These pieces sit on top of the doors.  Original MoPaR part.  Anodized aluminum is in acceptable condition.  Silver paint is thin in spots.


1973-74 Charger Vinyl Top Moulding (1/2 top)

OEM  Vinyl top moulding set (Landau Roof Style).  Removed from 1973 Charger.  Fits 1973-74 Charger, Satellite, Roadrunner 2 door models.  Excellent condition, no dents, 1 tiny scratch towards center.


1973-74 Charger Headlight Brackets
(1 Pair) Headlight Brackets L&R w/ retaining buckets for lights.  Removed from 1973 Charger.  
Fits 73-74 Dodge/Plym "B-Body" (Charger, Satellite, Roadrunner), may fit 1971-72.
**Actual Headlights not included, for display purposes only**
$30/ pair
Fender Mount Turn Signal Assembly 1970's era

(1 Set) Used on many 1970's era Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth vehicles. 

Single wire pigtail connector.  Lenses are good, chrome is driver quality. 

Removed from 1973 Dodge Charger.


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